This is Leslie Ewing-Burgesse.

Leslie is a ghost.
Or a person, whichever.

Leslie was born on October 13th, 1986 in Ottawa, Canada. Her father is an artist, her mother is a banker, her brother is also an artist, and her sister-in-law is all around excellent and has a cookbook. You should literally buy it right now. No, really, what’s stopping you?

Leslie had to do standup once in Grade 12 Drama. She was 17 years old, and she couldn’t imagine anything more horrific. Her eye twitched for a week leading up to it. She was brought onstage by her high school crush. She could hear his distinct guffaw laugh throughout her (mediocre, but she was a teenager) jokes.

Leslie wishes she still had that Trogdor t-shirt.

It was a good and important experience, and she knew she would never do it again.

Leslie went to college for theatre arts, and her proudest accomplishment in those two years was directing a one-act play. She graduated and found herself thrust into adulthood. When she was 19 she realised she’d really like to visit London, England. She’d never travelled overseas before but, since she couldn’t find anyone to travel with, she decided to go alone. Within the first day of her two-week visit, Leslie realised she wanted to live in London. She turned 20 in London, effectively ruining birthdays for herself for years.

She didn’t visit for the second time until she was 24, turning 25. This time she visited for a month, with two close friends. She hoped she’d feel the same way about London as she had that first time. She loved it more, and decided, sitting in her Islington rental flat, that she’d move to London in early 2013.

Leslie moved to London in March 2013. It was huge and terrifying, and by far the best thing she’s ever done.

In August 2014, Leslie did her first stand-up gig, over 10 years after her nervewracking but ultimately successful teenage attempt. In August 2017 she did her first Edinburgh hour, just a one-week run. In August 2018 she wanted to do a full run of the show, but ended up having a venue for 13 days. She learned a lot. In 2019 she did her first full-run show, Leslie Ewing-Burgesse Exists! and learned significantly more.

She became a permanent resident of the United Kingdom in July 2018.

Pretty good for a ghost.

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